Commercial Services

Aerial Data Collection

Aero Services of Virginia are aerial data collection experts.  Data collection can be tailored to provide the deliverables you need in the format that fits your work flow. Deliverables such as Agriculture Field Analysis, Stockpile Reports, Construction Progress Monitoring, Orthomosaic Imagery, Topographic Imagery, Digital Surface Models (DSM), Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and 3D Models are just some of the possibilities.

Orthomosaic Imagery

Orthomosaic images provide high resolution, near real-time imagery. The deliverables include GeoTiff orthorectified imagery, Digital Surface Model (DSM) and Digital Terrain Model (DTM).  

Orthomosaic imagery and associated deliverables showcase large properties providing detailed near real-time updates for large construction sites.

Stockpile Reports

How much fill do you have left? What is the cut and fill estimate for the next project phase? Aerial data collection can provide near real-time stock pile volume reports to help you plan, save time and money. 

3D Modeling

Create a 3D model using aerial data collection.  The output of the process is a fully textured 3D object which can be incorporated into an existing workflow or used for marketing purposes.  Click here to see a demo. Please be patient as the model is large and can take a few moments to load. 

Win More Jobs

Add value in proposals with up-to-date data, leverage information for logistical and production planning, integrate with existing workflows.

Increase Stakeholder Visibility

Use still and video imagery to provide progress information and updates to owners, investors and for bond release.

Increase Safety

Spot potential issues early,  increase safety and reduce risk with near real-time imagery. Address potential issues by visualizing hard to reach areas. 

Site Progress Monitoring

Regular monitoring of site progress is essential for catching potential conflicts.  Deliverables can integrate with your existing workflow applications such as ProCore, AutoDesk or Sketchfab.  Still or video imagery can be used to highlight progress for bond release, investor updates and marketing purposes.